Panasonic 32 inch LED TV

Panasonic 32 inch LED TVWith Sony and Samsung producing some of the best smart TV’s on the market, we have a closer look at Panasonic and what type of smart TV they have brought us, This Panasonic 32 inch LED TV is a contender for smart Television of the year.

Wifi is pretty standard for most current smart TV’s and this TV follows that tradition, being able to browse the web, download apps and watch on-demand TV is possible on this Television, bringing all the comforts of a PC, tablet and laptop to the big screen in the living room.

Remote apps are available for this TV, download the app on your ios or android device and control the TV via the Wifi connection. This gives you more control with Swipe & Share and Share & Save commands, you can connect your social media and surf the net using you phone or tablet as the mouse. Freeview HD is available in this Television, currently on only 4 channels but there are plans for this to grow in future years.

The best part of this Panasonic 32 inch LED TV is the ability for it to have individual  homepages for each of it’s users, With 3 different presets, creating a simple page that puts specific programmes and services in one place, also creating a child friendly section that gives you piece of mind when the youngsters are watching programmes or surfing the internet on your Television.

This is a super-slim design, with a light bezel and Smart VIERA functionality the 1080p HD picture quality with silky smooth 100Hz Frame Rate eco friendly TV can’t be beaten.


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